I was exposed to music in a South Dakota rural farmhouse in the early 1960s. My Mom and Dad both multi-instrumental musicians exposed me to guitar, piano and concertina in the tiny music room of the flatland plains board-floor back room of our oil heated home near Miller South Dakota. The sounds of Hank Williams, Doug Kershaw, boogie-woogie piano and Gospel songs permeated my early memory. My first performances were at the Methodist Church, sometimes a surprise to my Mom Maxine as penitence levied from Dad for my Saturday night sins.

I played in bands 40-60 times per year until seven years ago, supporting a family and working in the Software sales space 50 hours+ per week.  Shortly after leaving the late-night rock scene, I was invited to do an acoustic show downtown La Crosse.  I only had about 20 or so solo acoustic songs at that time so I really had to “get busy”. Today, I have about 125 songs+ on my play list. I do solo shows sometimes but often team with some of the best musicians in the region as a duo, or trio. Some of the artists I cover are; Beatles, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Who, Chris Stapleton, The Lone Bellow, Jason Isbell, Van Morrison, Stones, America, Jimi Hendrix, Bee Gees, Allman Bros, Eagles, Del Shannon, CSNY, CCR, Led Zep, Eric Clapton and for God’s sake even Juice Newton (call me angel) and many, many more!

Since meeting and marrying the love of my life almost 6 years ago, I have been accused of playing many more love songs. And I agree, what’s not to love about a love song.